20 Things I want to do before I turn 20!

  1. .Get through high school.
  2. Start my own little acrylic nail business.
  3. Have the prom I’ve always dreamed of.
  4. Graduate.
  5. get into Princeton university 
  6. Get my own house/apartment.
  7. Join some kind of club. 
  8. singing lessons
  9. become a rapper
  10. hopefully be famous
  11. Design clothes
  12. Start my own clothing line. 
  13. Fall in love 
  14. Learn how to deal with heartbreak 
  15. buy a custom chain with my name
  16. buy a rolex
  17. Buy my mom and dad their dream cars.
  18. Host an amazing anniversary party for my dad
  19. have 100 pairs of shoes 
  20. Go to paris. 

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