My name is Yessena Eva-Luz Stines and I’m 13 years old. I’ve heard many stories about why my name was chosen. My parents took lots of time choosing my name, although my first name was kinda an easy task for my dad. Yessena which normally would be spelled yesenia because its an Arabic name meaning heavenly flower but since i’m mexican my parents did some research and in Spanish yessena means beautiful flower so it’s still pretty close. My parents loved this name and loved the spelling a lot more too. My middle name was chosen by my mother, she liked Eva-Luz because it has a hispanic tone to it but mostly because it was also my great grandmother’s Eva’s name. I feel proud to represent her! A little information about me would be that I’m very caring but I can also have a bad temper at the same time which most of the time makes me seem a little crazy. My parents are divorced and have been since I was 5 or 6. Most of my life I’ve lived with my mother in Northglenn Colorado. Which is also where I was born. Now that I’ve been with my mom for so long I decided to give my dad some time with me. Now I’m here in Draper utah. When you’re reading this it’ll probably be long after this but right now I just moved to Utah exactly 4 days ago. I go to Draper Park middle school where I don’t have many friends but I’m still trying. So let’s see how the rest of this utah experience goes shall we?