Our Little Infinities Part 2(Inspired by The Fault In Our Stars)

I woke up this morning to the sound of my little sister playing her awful music on full blast. I screamed in my pillow and got up to tell her to turn it down.

“Marisol turn the music down” I asked as I walked into her room.

“Ugh why do you always ruin everything” She yelled as I rolled my eyes and closed her door. Then I heard the music go down.  When I went back to my room I closed the door. I started to pick out my outfit for the day when I heard a ring. I grabbed my phone but it was an unknown number calling, so I ignored it. I walked back over to my closet and just as I seen the shirt that I wanted my phone rang again. Its the same number, so this time I picked up


My Favorite Fictional character !!

My favorite fictional character is Boo from Monsters Inc. She has been my favorite fictional character by far for a very long time. Ive always thought she was the cutest thing ever and that I could just reach into the screen and grab her.  Boo is the human in monsters inc that all the monsters are afraid of, But James aka kitty to boo has a love for boo that he never thought he would have.

My trip to Texas

Every year I go to Texas for my birthday. I love Texas its always warm and theres always something new to do. Last year for my birthday I went to sea world in San Antonio. It was the best experience of my life. I love animals especially from the ocean. My favorite sea animal is the killer whales. They are so beautiful and can do the coolest tricks in the water. They even splash you when you sit in the splash zone of the audience. Even sitting 14 rows always from the killer whales you still get soaked after they splash you. They use there fins and moves them in and out of the water creating a huge splash. Make sure to put your phone away if you go! I had to learn the hard way. Also be sure to take a hat or where clothes that you wont be to hot in.

Our Little Infinity (Inspired by “The fault in our stars.”

This week was my first week at a new school, Im sure you know how that feels. At first I had no friends and was a teachers pet, Being a teachers pet doesn’t really get you more friends.  I would walk around the halls alone. I’d get the stares ( You know the ones where peoples eyes meet yours and ask …Who are you ?) You know sometimes I ask myself the same thing.Life around here was getting pretty boring. Going to school, not talking to anyone all day, Going home and doing the same old thing….That was however until I met him…

Gift Guide!!

Are you struggling trying to find gifts for everyone…. well let me help!

Lets start with grandmas … we all know grandmas can be picky but they can also be really easy they all like the same things. I know for sure all grandmas love a nice soft blanket and they love there little grandchildren so why not give them both. Buy a nice blanket, a picture frame, and print out a picture of all the grandchildren (or if your families anything like mine you don’t have enough room in the camera for all the grandchildren.) But any who wrap up the picture frame and theres a perfect gift for the G ma.



20 Things I want to do before I turn 20!

  1. .Get through high school.
  2. Start my own little acrylic nail business.
  3. Have the prom I’ve always dreamed of.
  4. Graduate.
  5. get into Princeton university 
  6. Get my own house/apartment.
  7. Join some kind of club. 
  8. singing lessons
  9. become a rapper
  10. hopefully be famous
  11. Design clothes
  12. Start my own clothing line. 
  13. Fall in love 
  14. Learn how to deal with heartbreak 
  15. buy a custom chain with my name
  16. buy a rolex
  17. Buy my mom and dad their dream cars.
  18. Host an amazing anniversary party for my dad
  19. have 100 pairs of shoes 
  20. Go to paris.