Throw Back Thursday !! Song edition.

When me and my sisters were little we always loved dancing around and listening to music together. A lot of which comes from many artists you may know including , Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, Ashanti, Bow Wow, T-Pain Ne-Yo and many others.

Bruno Mars,

Nothing on you

Just the way you are 

Uptown funk



Chris Brown,

 Yo (Excuse me miss) 

With you 

Look at me now ( Feat. Lil Wayne , Busta Rhymes)

Say Goodbye 




Whats Luv? 


Bow Wow,

Shortie like mine(Featuring Chris Brown) 

Like You (Featuring Ciara) 

Let me hold you (Feat.Omarion) 

Bounce with me(Feat. Xscape)


Miss Independent

So sick 

One in a million



I’m Sprung 

5 O’Clock (Feat. Lily Allen, Wiz Khalifa) 

Bartender (Feat. Akon)

Kiss kiss 

Up down (Feat. B.o.B)

Studio Luv


Love in this club (Feat Young Jeezy) 

You got it bad 

Confessions, part II

There goes my baby 


Don’t matter ..


Right now 

Sorry, Blame it on me

Locked up (Feat. Styles P)


Country Grammar 

Ride wit me (Feat. St. Lunatics) 


Dilemma (Feat. Kelly Rowland)





Christmas Favorites!!

Christmas song.

Mistletoe -Justin Bieber

Christmas Treat. – Biscochitos

Christmas Movie.- How The Grinch Stole Christmas






Christmas Activity. – White Elephant- One thing me and my family do is play a game called white elephant. Everyone busy gifts and with the instructions and the dice you pass the gifts around the circle in multiple directions and see which gift you end up with.

Christmas Gift to receive – shoes- I am a hugeeee sneaker head I love shoes. Specifically nikes and Jordans. For Christmas this year I hope I get new air forces and and Jordan retro 13’s



Christmas Service Project – Feeding The Homeless- Every year me and my family love to make little bags with all kinda of goodies and take them down to the homeless shelter. We usually pack them with a gift card to some kind of fast food, A hoodie, Some Soap. and a few snacks in case they get hungry.

Christmas Meme –


Christmas Gift To Give – Shoes, Hoodies Some presents I love to get my friends or family is usually some nice clothes or shoes… Mostly because what can go wrong besides getting the wrong size right ! Most people love hoodies and clothes around Christmas time






Christmas Trivia – Did you know Germany was the first place to start putting up Christmas trees !!

Christmas Memory – Most people have many Christmas memories… we all do !… but do you have a favorite? My favorite Christmas memory would have to be when we our entire Gomez family was playing a huge game of domino’s. My family is really huge on domino’s and were also really competitive.  On this Christmas my Papo Edil thought he was about to win the entire game but when he didn’t he slammed his hands down and the whole table crashed down on us. We all started laughing and then we all opened presents after.

My Dream Room! <3

My dream room has been the same ever since I was a little girl. I would love to have many things but here are a few of the most important things.


1. A hanging chair. I would love a hanging chair because Ive always loved to sit back a relax and these chairs are perfect for that. They are also good because they are good to read books, write and draw in. I also this this would make the room look amazing.





2. LED Lights. I want LED lights because I think It adds a nice touch to the room.  It also looks very nice when colored.





3. My third must have would be a book shelf thats built into my wall filled with outdated vintage books. I love the look that vintage books give off and I would love to have this bookshelf.


Hello Im a guest blogger! Im Saige Rosenvall Yessena’s friend. And she asked me to wright about her personality. She is very nice, sweet, pretty, confident, unique, respectful, calm, and bold.  She is a great friend and is always caring. She will be by you’re side when ever your sad and will always talk to you. She is really smart and good at writhing. She always has the perfect outfit picked out and her hair is never sloppy. She will always put you’re opinions first. She is an inspiration to all of us, and will always be my bestie! She will sit with you at lunch if  your sad. She will also hang out with you on the weekends. Bye.

Our Little Infinities Part 2(Inspired by The Fault In Our Stars)

I woke up this morning to the sound of my little sister playing her awful music on full blast. I screamed in my pillow and got up to tell her to turn it down.

“Marisol turn the music down” I asked as I walked into her room.

“Ugh why do you always ruin everything” She yelled as I rolled my eyes and closed her door. Then I heard the music go down.  When I went back to my room I closed the door. I started to pick out my outfit for the day when I heard a ring. I grabbed my phone but it was an unknown number calling, so I ignored it. I walked back over to my closet and just as I seen the shirt that I wanted my phone rang again. Its the same number, so this time I picked up


My Favorite Fictional character !!

My favorite fictional character is Boo from Monsters Inc. She has been my favorite fictional character by far for a very long time. Ive always thought she was the cutest thing ever and that I could just reach into the screen and grab her.  Boo is the human in monsters inc that all the monsters are afraid of, But James aka kitty to boo has a love for boo that he never thought he would have.

My trip to Texas

Every year I go to Texas for my birthday. I love Texas its always warm and theres always something new to do. Last year for my birthday I went to sea world in San Antonio. It was the best experience of my life. I love animals especially from the ocean. My favorite sea animal is the killer whales. They are so beautiful and can do the coolest tricks in the water. They even splash you when you sit in the splash zone of the audience. Even sitting 14 rows always from the killer whales you still get soaked after they splash you. They use there fins and moves them in and out of the water creating a huge splash. Make sure to put your phone away if you go! I had to learn the hard way. Also be sure to take a hat or where clothes that you wont be to hot in.

Our Little Infinity (Inspired by “The fault in our stars.”

This week was my first week at a new school, Im sure you know how that feels. At first I had no friends and was a teachers pet, Being a teachers pet doesn’t really get you more friends.  I would walk around the halls alone. I’d get the stares ( You know the ones where peoples eyes meet yours and ask …Who are you ?) You know sometimes I ask myself the same thing.Life around here was getting pretty boring. Going to school, not talking to anyone all day, Going home and doing the same old thing….That was however until I met him…